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A Public Conversation With The Honorable Senator Tony Avella

Public Conversation Series Public Conversation Series

A Public Conversation Series:

The following is a presentation in a continuing series of public conversations with
average individuals, grassroots groups, prominent individuals and prominent groups
concerning their thoughts and actions about the environment.

A Public Conversation With The Honorable Senator Tony Avella:
Sen. Avella asks the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) to: “Put up or shut up” to “Bring the Moratorium bill to the floor”, to “Bring the bills forward”, and much more. As sponsor and co-sponsor of many environmental bills throughout his legislative career, Sen. Avella talks about another view of Mayor Bloomberg; the IDC’s potentials; climate change and renewables; solutions already here but lacking the political will to make them reality; the pipeline intra-structure; NYC’s boiler conversion plan; what powers the public and $ have; how we can help and be better informed, participating citizens; his view of NYS’s largest grassroots efforts and his new campaign: Running for Queens Borough President.

Also, a narrative of the full “Radon Bill” follows the credits and list of legislative bills at the end of this video.

More From the Public Conversations Series

A Public Conversation With The Honorable Senator Diane J. Savino:
View a narrative of the Senator’s Radon bill at the conclusion of her discussion on: How the Public’s knowledge and action of energy has changed over the past 10 yrs.; of using the NYS Southern Tier as an experiment/trial with fracking; how an individual can bring a legal acton under her Radon bill; her thoughts on coal, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, the pipeline infra-structure’s corporate gamble and her appreciation of the Public’s in-put on these energy matters.

A Public Conversation With The Honorable Chuck Nelson, Activist:

CONNECTING MORE OF THE DOTS: Coal, Oil, Natural Gas (Methane)

Speaking from Somerset, Boston, in preparation for a rally to shut down the Brayton Point Power Plant, Massachusetts, Chuck Nelson, tells us, in very human ways, about his 29 years as an underground West Virginia COAL MINER and of his activism to end fossil fuels, of his advocacy for sustainable, renewable energy methods and his hopes for stopping the yearly carnage of sickness and death that the continuing usage of coal causes. Hear him talk of the 23,000 deaths/year going unreported versus other deadly occurrences and deadly memories in our nation. He ends by continuing his activism, asking us, ‘What will we do’ and stating that ‘Nobody’s payday is worth another person getting cancer’.

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