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Voices from the Environment: The Elk River Accident – An interview with Mari-lynn Evans

The Elk River Accident The Elk River Accident - An interview with Mari-lynn Evans

Voices from the Environment: The Elk River Accident – An interview with Mari-lynn Evans

Voices from the Environment:

On January 9, 2014, there was a chemical spill caused by a coal company called Freedom Industries in Charleston, West Virginia. This accident allowed several thousand gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol to spill into the
Elk River just upstream from American Water’s, supposedly clean water, intake system. American Water is the supplier of drinking water to over 300,000 people in West Virginia.
Governor Tomblin issued a warning several hours after the spill occurred for the people to stop drinking the water.
In this web interview with Mari-lynn Evans, we talked about Freedom Industries’ “4-methylcyclohexane methanol” chemical leak that spilled into the Elk River on January 9, 2014, in Charleston, West Virginia.

Mari-lynn Evens has directed and produced several movies, which are listed below:

“Blood on the Mountain”:

“Low Coal”:

” A deeply troubling window into the world of the Coal industry
and the areas it has colonized. Showing what it’s like to live with the legacy of Coal, this film profiles dozens caught up in the battle over Coal’s future.”

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