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Keystone XL Occupation & Arrests West Coast

Keystone XL Occupation & Arrests West Coast Keystone XL Occupation & Arrests West Coast

Keystone XL Occupation & Arrests West Coast

In coordination with the 500 youth engaging in civil disobedience at the White House on March 2nd, the West Coast youth took action to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. I was inside to record the video as police arrested activists.
They appealed to the State Department in San Francisco to help Obama restore the viability of our future. And they spoke a language they understand: they’re here to buy back our future! No, they won’t be giving them bribes or making deals — they aren’t the oil lobby. Instead, they showed them how important it is to ensure that those currently living in sacrifice zones, as well as our and upcoming generations, have a livable, sustainable, and just future.

from Peter Menchini

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