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Sentencing of the MI CATS3 – Vicci Hamlin, Barbara Carter and Lisa Leggio

Sentencing of the MI CATS3 Sentencing of the MI CATS3

Bonnie Bucqueroux Bonnie Bucqueroux

Sentencing of the MI CATS3 – Vicci Hamlin, Barbara Carter and Lisa Leggio


Judge William Collette allowed all three women to go free today, sentencing them to time served, some court costs and fines of more than $47,000 each (hearings will be held on those fines later). The three women have been in the Ingham County Jail since being found guilty on felony charges 34 days ago for chaining themselves to earthmoving equipment at the Enbridge pipeline construction site in Stockbridge. The Canadian company Enbridge was responsible for the oil spill in the Kalamazoo River, the largest onland spill in U.S. history. This video, by Bonnie Bucqueroux, includes the sentencing statements made by each woman, as well as the scolding Judge Collette gave the press before the proceedings started.

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