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Cabot v, Scroggins March 24, 2014 Part 1

Vera Scroggins Injunction Vera Scroggins Injunction


In October 2013, Cabot Oil and Gas obtained an injunction against Vera Scroggins, who has
been bringing the dangers of fracking to public attention for the last five years through her videos
and bus tours of fracking sites in the county where she resides, Susquehanna County, PA.
The injunction prohibited Vera from going, not only on the land Cabot owns, but also on
the land where Cabot leases the subsurface mineral rights, comprising 40% of the county’s
properties. This means that Vera has been effectively barred from going to her grocery store,
a number of businesses in town, her local hospital and some of her friends homes.


On March 24, 2014, a hearing was held before President Judge Kenneth W. Seamans, who issued
the injunction in October, to consider whether it should be modified or lifted. Cabot proposed
adding buffer zones of 150 and 500 feet to further restrict Vera’s movements. A press conference
was held afterward. Following lunch with her supporters, Vera drove to her friend Craig Stevens’ house for a telephone
press conference. On the way there, we interviewed her. On March 28, 2014, Judge Seamans delivered his ruling.

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