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ETV WeeklyNews Special Holiday Report June 30 to July 7, 2014

ETV Weekly News: July 14, 2014 ETV Weekly News: July 14, 2014


ETV WeeklyNews Special Holiday Report June 30 to July 7, 2014
-Wind Energy, Eagles and Rush to Build…………..(0:30 to 2:17)
-The Trees Are Down at Mount Manresa……….(2:19 to 5:20)
-Inside Mt. Manresa Interviews……………….(5:22 to 14:21)
-Creating Solar Friendly Communities…………….(14:25 to 16:27)
-Bees: What Can be Done………….(16:29 to 21:20)
Greenpeace Ideas……..(16:45 to 18:10)
Protecting Bees: HR-2692…………(18:15 to 19:38)
Pesticide Company Lobbying……(19:39 to 20:06)
Problems With Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart,……..(20:07 to 21:10)
-Constitutional Convention/Amendment to Repeal
Corporation’s Human Rights…………..(21:22 to 22:30)
-Controlling Weather With Drones………………..(22:33 to 24:53)
-Forbes Magazine Agrees Fracking Decreases Property Values……..(24:57 to 26:10)
-EPA Ignores Some Industrial Hazards of Methane
and Radiation……………(26:17 to 26:40)




Special Holiday report
June 30th to July 7th, 2014

New York City

Ken Gale

Mercy Van Vlack

Rebecca Myles

Staten Island, NYC

Charlie Olson

Special Thanks to interviewees:

Jack Bolembach, President of The Committee To Save Mount Manresa and
Gabriella Velardi Ward, member of The Committee To Save Mount Manresa


-Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 4 to 6 PM, A Workshop: Creating Solar Friendly Communities
Kaplan Hall, SUNY Orange, Newburgh, NY (845-514-8567)

-Thursday, July 17 through Monday, July 21 Come to the SeegerFest. IN HONOR OF PETE AND TOSHI SEEGER
Hear Kitama Cahill-Jackson, Pete and Toshi Seeger’s grandson, invite US ALL, to a festival, a SeegerFest, for 5 days in Upstate NY and NYC from Thursday, July 17 through Monday, July 21, 2014 with many guest star performers and FREE food, drink, music, dance, film, boat rides, photo exhibit viewing and still much more. This is a time to remember, share, honor, think, plan and act about their vision and what it means to each of us as we go on without them.

-August 16, 2014 International Day of Action for Bee
Some Source Materials:

For Information about The Creative Little Garden, go to:

Ken Gale Sources: (There’s
also a Bald Eagle photo on this page)
Mercy Van Vlack Sources:




Saving America’s Pollinators Act (H.R. 2692)

contact your Senator and your Congress member at 202 224 -3121, you can find out who they are and leave a message at the same time. 202- 224-3121

from _Save Our Environment Tell Lowe’s – stop selling bee-killing pesticides



About Duffernutter (277 Articles)
John is a commercial photographer whose passion is to create unique original photography for the community. John is based in Seattle, Washington, where he photographs the work of architects, interior designers, stylists, landscape architects, furniture designers and many other artists. As the Partner of an architect, he has an amazing ability to see and feel the unique qualities of any location. John's photography style is a close-up approach that gives you the feel that you are apart of the interior. With eight years of professional experience enjoying my time as a photographer, videographer and editor I have successfully collaborated with Sage News, The Nation, Climate Desk, Waging Nonviolence, Grist, Popular Resistance, and

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