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ETV Weekly News: July 14, 2014

ETV Weekly News: July 14, 2014 ETV Weekly News: July 14, 2014


July 14, 2014
-4th Youth Climate Summit…….0:29 – 1:21
-July 5th 2.5 Earthquake North of Indian Point Nuclear Reactor..1:23 – 5:14
-The Bee Report:………. 5:17 – 7:31
-Bee Death Report……5:39 – 5:53
-Bee-In Against Neo-Nics…….5:54 – 7:31
-Endangered US Wolverines Not Listed Again…….7:38 – 8:22
-UN: Sustainability Fiasco…….8:26 – 9:48
New York City
Ken Gale
Mercy Van Vlack
Upcoming Events:
JULY 2014
-Tuesday, 6:45 PM, July 22, Monthly “Core” Meeting of United for Action
At The Nation’s offices on the 8th. Floor, at 33 Irving Place (near 15th. Street), Manhattan
-Thursday, July 17 through Monday, July 21 Come to the SeegerFest. IN HONOR OF PETE AND TOSHI SEEGER
     Hear Kitama Cahill-Jackson, Pete and Toshi Seeger’s grandson, invite US ALL, to a festival, a SeegerFest, for 5 days in Upstate NY and NYC from Thursday, July 17 through Monday, July 21, 2014 with many guest star performers and FREE food, drink, music, dance, film, boat rides, photo exhibit viewing and still much more.  This is a time to remember, share, honor, think, plan and act about their vision and what it means to each of us as we go on without them.
-Wednesday and Thursday, August 6 & 7th. at 1 PM, the 4th. Climate Justice Youth Summit at the Urban Academy Hiogh School for Green Careers
145-W.84th Street  NY, NY.
-Saturday, August 16, NATIONAL HONEYBEE DAY
-Friday evening, September 19, at John Jay College for Criminal Justice
A Symposium:
Today’s Fossil Fuels and the Future of Our Children’s Health
Sponsored by
in partnership with:  Center for Environmental Health  and
For More Information contact:
-Sunday, September 21, People’s Climate March and other rallies, NYC.
More info to be announced
Some Source Materials:
Ken Gale’s Sources:
-Climate Justice Youth Summit………
-July 5th 2.5 Earthquake:  North of Indian Point Nuclear Reactor
 Local Newspaper Article:
   Adirondack earthquake article:
Earth Institute of Columbia University study August, 2008
Bulletin of Seismological Associations of America
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, Mary Elie
-Endangered US Wolverines Not Listed Again
San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2014
Center for Biological Diversity…  and
-UN:  Sustainability Fiasco
Mercy Van Vlack’s Sources:
Marriott Sheldon from the:  Bee-in Coalition
Join The Swarm  (for International Events)
Facebook:  Bee Against Monsanto

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