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Cabot’s Security Posts Photographs of 63-Yr Old Scroggins in Guards’ Campers, for Failing to Follow the “Unwritten Rules”, And Other Tales of the Absurd from Fracksylvania

Steve Todd - Passionate about things that matter.

The following is an unbelievable story of how much of a threat one unarmed grandma can be perceived as, to corporate hegemony of our democratic republic. A story of how far The Political Class will go to stop her, but also an expose of how ineffective it actually is, if she is courageous enough to stand her ground. A story of both threat and hope.

Vera and Barbara and Me Vera and Barbara and Me

US Main Stream Media is full of anecdotes about the criminal amounts of cash the global corporate Oil & Gas (O&G) lobby dumps into it’s politics. It barely mentions the seedier outcomes of O&G’s political influence. Many of my fellow Americans might have therefore missed what The Guardian has called “one of the most extreme measures taken by the oil and gas industry to date.”

The Guardian also notes that “None of that activity by Scroggins or other activists…

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