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The Environmental Forum: Environmentalism and Religion


This is the 3rd. Episode produced by the Environmental Production Group and just in time for the religious season of December, 2014.
Join Ken Gale at the NY Society for Ethical Culture as he moderates a “first” discussion among deeply religious people about: How Does Faith Form Your Environmental Activism.
Panelists include: Beth Ackerman-Riverside Church/Beloved Earth Community; Steve Knight-Episcopalian/GreenFaith Fellow: BrightFlame-Priestess/Teacher; Sharon Abreu-Environmental Education/Judaism/Network of Spiritual Progressives.
Also, look for more forums on this topic in the future, as we explore more of the people and beliefs who weren’t able to meet at this time.
-Intros…………(00:05 – 4:05)
-Q1-How does Faith form your environmental activism?……(4:06 – 12:48))
-Q2- Comments on the first question…..(12:48 – 23:17)
Living in Manhattan, NYC……(17:04 – 20:04)
Environmental Education…….(20:05 – 23:18)
-Q3- Do religious people care about the environment?……(23:19 – 51:07)
Specific examples of religious environmentalism….(30:01 – 51:07)
Indigenous spiritualism……..(46:21 – 51:07)
Capitalism………(44:00 – 46:20)
-Special Comments…..(51:11 – 1:14:40)
Our Voices…..(51:11 – 51:51)
How do we find the balance……(51:55 – 55:56)
Friends of the Harmed……(55:57 – 56:54)
Doing something Together: A Must…..(56:55 – 57:57)
Caring about animals…..(57:58 – 1:00:47)
-The “We” in the conversation…..(1:00:45 – 1:14:40)
$/Taxes/Politics…..(1:02:30 – 1:04:07)
Viable political candidates……..(1:04:06 – 1:04:39)
Energy execs and their families…..(1:04:40 – 1:07:12)
Citizens United decision: $ in politics…..(1:07:13 – 1:13:38)
Relying on “us” to get the word out…….(1:13:38 – 1:14:40)
Thank yous…….(1:14:45 – 1:16:10)
End credits/resources…….(1:16:11 to 1:21:16)

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