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NYC Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal: NO to Fast Track; NO to TPP


The Honorable NYC Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal, held and spoke out against both “Fast Track” and the International Trade Treaty-The Transpacific Partnership (TPP), at a press conference on Monday, April 27, 2015, prior to a City Council hearing gathering testimony on that Topic: Resolution 576. Councilwoman Rosenthal is the prime sponsor of this resolution and was joined by Donovan Richards and Mark Levine, also NYC Coiuncil members; Josh Fox, Zephyr Teachout, Peter Sikora (CWA), Rev. Stephen H. Phelps, Sierra Club’s Stephanie Low and Eric Weltman of Food and Water Watch, among others. All gave testimony to the NYC Council’s committee after the press conference, which passed in the next few days by an overwhelming margin.

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