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Vera Scroggins Appeals To You And The Courts

With Asha Canalos’ Artwork for an intro, Vera Scroggins, world renowned Activist and Fracking Tour Guide of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, explains in her own words what has happened legally to her recently and how she needs “OUR” help.
This is the short version. The uncut longer version follows.

Part 1-Vera’s Appeals In General………(0:18 – 4:12)

Part 2-Vera’s Appeals in Greater Detail………….(4:13 – 7:16)
-New lawyer; change judges and places; Vera’s purpose for activism; a new trial so she can tell her story……

Part 3–Vera’s Appeals in Still Greater Details….(7:17 – 11:08)
-Access to public roads; access to private land-owners; Client-lawyer confidentiality; giving up her appeal rights; access areas and distances; emergency situations…….

Vera’s Summary-…………(11:09 – 14:29)

End Credits and Info, etc………….(14:30 – 16:07)

To Donate and Help Vera: MARK: FOR VERA
(TMP-The Mothers Project)

2578-Broadway #108
NY, NY 10025

All donations go directly to Vera for legal fees.
NOTE: Mark all donations: FOR VERA

Vera’s e-mail:

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