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Climate activists in Seattle march against oil drilling in the Arctic

Alex Garland

Bio: I’m a freelance photojournalist, finding stories of protest, solidarity, support, and grassroots activism. When not covering political or social change, you can find me in the forest, photographing trees, rivers, mountains, insects, and any animals that cross my path. I can be hired to document your wedding, capture portraits of loved ones, making food look beautiful, or shooting your brilliantly designed products in the field or studio.

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The Dignity Virus

Dozens of activists marched from Occidental Park to the Henry M. Jackson Federal building with a giant puppet of Obama leading a leaky oil derrick and a marching band playing a funeral dirge for the climate. Once the procession reached the Federal building, the crowd listened to speakers and a traditional native song by Matt Remle. After the speakers, over 20 activists preformed a “die in” near the front doors of the Federal building.

“While President Obama meets with world leaders in Anchorage for the GLACIER Conference, the ShellNo Action Council will hold a funeral procession and “Die In” for the Arctic to highlight Obama’s hypocrisy. He gives permission to Shell to drill in the Arctic while simultaneously saying he wants to protect the Arctic and the climate.

Join us on Monday August 31st, from 11:30am to 1:30pm, beginning at Occidental Park and ending outside the federal building on 2nd…

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