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The Environmental WeeklyNews-March 4, 2016

This Week’s Topics, as reported by Kathy Adams, Charlie Olson and Marilyn Elie

1-The Environment TV’s Goals…….(0:41-1:15) Charlie Olson

2-London’s Anti-Nuclear Trident Rally: Connecting the Environmental Dots……(1:17- 10:38) The protest covers Nuclear submarines and weapons, fracking, a Green Bank, fossil fuels and much more. Attended by government officials, entertainment stars and the citizens of England.

3-Questionable News: Good, Bad,…True, False, opt…..Your Choice….
A-China’s Coal Consumption…….(11:00-11:30)
B-Aubrey McClendon……(11:33-12:25)

4-7 NRC Engineers Petition for corrections or Nuclear Shutdown of all Reactors for Design Flaw…….OUR HEROS???…..(12:27-15:29)

5-Up Coming Events: Safe Energy Summit: End Nuclear Power Now!………(15:30-17:13)

Music: (17:13-19:56)

About Charlie Olson (89 Articles)
Co-Founder of The Co-Founder of Environmental News and Views, Channel 74 Westchester Co-Producer of The Environment TV, Manhattan Neighborhood Network Member of The Collective, WBAI 99.5 FM radio Assistant to producer, Environmental Issues, Staten Island Community TV

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