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Environmental WeeklyNews For April 8, 2016

List of Topics, a reported by Edie Kantrowitz, Marilyn Elie, Sally Gellert and Charlie Olson, along with the Music of Harve Kaye and Margo Schepart.

1-Edie Kantrowitz, President of NYC Friends of Clearwater, talks about their upcoming concert:  “All Hands On Deck”, while Harve Kaye plays guitar…….(1:10 – 6:27)

2-Ads for upcoming events:  Sierra Club:  “What’s in Your Drinking Water?”

and the  “Just Transition-Energy Sector” Event by the Shut Down Indian Point Now environmental group….(6:29 – 6:55)

3-Marilyn Elie’s Q & A excerpts from a NYC Grassroots Alliance meeting made into a video format:  The First 3 Q & A’s…….(6:59 – 14:10)

a-Is it safe to swim and kayak in the Hudson River?

b-How much tritiated/radioactive water is going into the Hudson River?

c-Is there danger of cancer for those who live near Indian Point?

4-Sally Gellert speaks about the “Safe Energy Summit:  End Nuclear Power Now!”, 3 day gathering running from April 29 through May 1st…….(14:11 – 16:42)

5-Jacqui Drechsler reads for Bill Mayer of the Sierra Club in our continuing release of excerpts from the Indian Point Eleven’s video of their court house press conference…….Marilyn Elie and Marty Stolar do very useful introductions……(16:43 – 20:23)

6-ETV’s Goals….(20:23 – 20:58)

7-Margo’s song, “There Was No Driving”, and the end credits…….(20:59 – 23:52)

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