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Oily Banking #5

May 12, 2017 // 0 Comments

      Published on May 9, 2017 More info: Twitter: @RevBillyTalen Instagram: @RevBillyTalen Friend — A small and mighty contingent of the Stop Shopping Choir breached the commodity wall at Citibank, a major financier of Dakota Access Pipeline.  Mayfield and I on the floor, Dragonfly preaching and Amadeus anointing… I lay on the floor listening to Dragonfly and the incessant beeping of ATM’s, my limbs entwined with Mayfield’s, her pulse on my ankle. Let’s learn to be more vulnerable in these retail spaces, because these retail [...]

NYC Divestment Activists sing to Comptroller Scott Stringer

November 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

Fossil Fuel Divestment activists gathered to rally and sing in a pre-Halloween costume demonstration to show NYC’s Comptroller, Scott Stringer, where their money should NOT be invested.  Bethany Yarrow leads one of the songs with the words:  “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn us round”, we’ll keep on walking and talking, DIVESTMENT from oil, gas and coal. They came together in front of 1-Centre Street, Manhattan. A video by Peter Eliscu © 2015 The Peter Eliscu Archives. All Rights [...]

Family friendly paddle to Bill and Melinda Gates’ Mansion

October 26, 2015 // 1 Comment

Video from: & 350 Seattle An action to help tell the world’s richest couple that removing their money from fossil fuels is the right thing to do is going to be on the water, in kayaks – the kayaktivists are back!, 350 Seattle, Backbone Campaign, and lots of people in kayaks visit Bill and Melinda Gates’ house on Lake Washington, WA on 10/24/15 to send a loud and clear message that the Gates Foundation needs to divest from fossil fuels so they can meet their mission so “all people can live healthy, productive lives.”   Gates Divest [...]