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Spectra Pipeline

Three Anti-Spectra Pipeline Crawlers Found Guilty; “Necessity Defense” Rejected

January 15, 2019 // 0 Comments

  Videographer Peter Eliscu follows the judge’s verdict of the last three defendants who used non-violent civil disobedience to stop the oil/gas corporation, Spectra, from continuing a part of their pipeline next to the nuclear power plant, Indian Point, in Weschester County, NYS.  Their defense was to use the “necessity defense” as their reasoning for their actions:  we tried everything else and nothing has worked, so this action, this non-violent civil disobedience action, was our next, last and only choice left to us.  Therefore, we are all innocence.   In [...]

Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power: An Introduction

June 4, 2017 // 2 Comments

  Dr. Courtney Williams-Cancer Research Scientist and Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist Vice-President, Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG) Co-ordinator for Resist Spectra resist Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power:  An Introduction to Understanding Their Problems and Challenges Part-1:  The Fossil Fuel Side This video is an introduction to the problems/challenges of both fossil fuels and nuclear power.  Part 1 has Dr. Courtney Williams speaking on fossil fuels and their growing infrastructure.  Part 2 has Dr. Gordon Edwards talking about the nuclear aspects. Both [...]

Rally At Spectra–November 2, 2013

November 2, 2013 // 0 Comments

  Sponsored by sane energy project and Occupy The Pipeline, a rally was held along the running path outside the site where Spectra Energy has connected a gas pipeline from New Jersey into Manhattan in the Chelsea District. It took place one day after the gas was scheduled to start flowing through the pipeline. Speakers included Clare Donohue (sane energy project), Tim DeChristopher, Anne Heaney, Bill Borock (Council of Chelsea Block Associations), Sandra Koponen (Occupy The Pipeline), Peter Rugh (System Change Not Climate Change), Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal (D)–representing [...]