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Bill McKibben

Climate Change and Flooding Part 1

August 25, 2019 // 0 Comments

The Graniteville Swamp area,  as it’s known locally in Staten Island, continues their fight to preserve their wetlands and forests for a number of reasons, from disappearing to builders to increasing their risk of flooding.  In this case, a new BJ’s. This video covers some of their event, which includes a presentation of Bill McKibben’s video:  Do The Math, along with 3 other Hurricane Sandy videos, followed by a discussion with Carl Alderson from the National Oceanic and Atomspheric Administration (NOAA), and still another presenter with audience Q & A.  And  a computer was [...]

Off and On: The Climate Movement and the Road Through Paris

September 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

Original show From Bill McKibben September 10th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for an important event we’re calling Off and On: The Climate Movement & the Road Through Paris Naomi Klein, Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, Eddie Bautista of the New York Environmental Justice Alliance, and a bunch of special guests will be coming together to lay out why this year could be such a dramatic turning point for our movement. We’re living through the hottest year in recorded history. We’re fighting pitched battles against tar sands oil, Australian coal mines, and Arctic drilling, [...]