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Dimock PA

Howie Hawkins – Citizen Gas Tour – Ray’s Bad Water

October 13, 2014 // 3 Comments

From the Gas lands in Pennsylvania with Vera Scroggins   Howie Hawkins, running for Gov. of New York on Green Party Ticket….attends a Citizen Gas Tour, where I take him to gas sites next to homes, on farms and he meets families with contaminated water near gas drilling….Susquehanna County, Pa.. The Gas Company is Cabot Oil and Gas and there are six other gas companies in our county. 1,000 gas wells so far and 39 Compressor Stations so [...]

Proof That Fracking Pollutes The Water Supply

May 12, 2013 // 1 Comment

Proof That Fracking Pollutes The Water Supply On May 12, 2013, Vera Scroggins, accompanied by The Environment TV,  interviewed Ray, who has documented the changes in his well water since the gas industry began drilling in his hometown of Dimock, PA.  This is the Frack zone, this is frack [...]