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Portland! Save the Portland Redwoods

September 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Video from BV Foto Portland! Save the Portland Redwoods need your help at 7:00AM this September 16th! Location: 3654 SE Martins Street Portland, Oregon 97202   These are the three giant sequoias planted in SE Portland in the 1800’s that Everett Custom Homes are trying to cut down for urban development. Vic Remmers, chair of Everett Homes was recently appointed one of the 25-member Stakeholder Advisory Committee to assist the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with the Residential Infill Project in Portland by Mayor Charlie Hales. Within a few weeks of being [...]

Monkey Wrenching the Frackers

June 13, 2014 // 0 Comments

Originally posted on Piedmont Earth First!:
  by Cole Stangler / In These Times “All right, motherfuckers! This is an unlawful assembly!” A group of five “police” charge at a mob of milling “protesters,” throwing several to the ground and playfully beating them with rolled-up pieces of old newspaper—the “batons.” “Fucking hippies!” someone shouts [...]